Monitoring for Poultry Farms

Now you can obtain a detailed view of the microclimate in your barns allowing you to avoid negative consequences on animal health.

Measure temperature, humidity, CO2, ammonia NH3, lux and more with the super smart IoT Aranet sensors.

The in-built alarm functionality allows you to react within minutes to any potential problems that may occur with ventilation or air quality.

The Poultry solution consists of wireless environmental sensors that send the data to the Aranet PRO base station using Aranet 868/920 MHz radio technology.

The base station comes equipped with internal memory for storing data up to 10 years, a built-in webserver with free software for alarms, graphing, data export and configuration.

Additionally, several base stations can be connected to the Cloud to be managed in a single dashboard for large scale operations. The system is plug-and-play, with industry leading installation simplicity – it can be deployed rapidly by anyone without any prior IT knowledge.

Smarter Agriculture

Healthy environment is key for your livestock and business to thrive. Aranet ecosystem offers a high quality monitoring solution to stop guessing and measure what’s important

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